ArtSpeechMRIfr database

The ArtSpeechMRIfr database contains  real-time films ((rtMRI) as well as static magnetic resonance images (3D MRI)  of the vocal tract. The database contains also processed data: denoised audio, its phonetically aligned annotation, articulatory contours, and vocal tract volume information, which provides a rich resource for speech sceintists. The database is built on data from two male speakers of French and has been extended to cover 12 speakers in total.

It covers a number of phonetic contexts in the controlled part, as well as spontaneous speech, 3D MRI scans of sustained vocalic articulations, and of the dental casts of the subjects. The corpus for rtMRI consists of 79 synthetic sentences constructed
from a phonetized dictionary that makes possible to shorten the duration of acquisitions while keeping a very good coverage of the phonetic contexts which exist in French. The 3D MRI includes acquisitions for 12 French vowels and 10 consonants, each of which was pronounced in several vocalic contexts. Articulatory contours (tongue, jaw, epiglottis, larynx, velum, lips) as well as 3D volumes were manually drawn for a part of the

All acquisitions were made under a CPP ethical agreement. The database will be released at the end of the project.

Some videos are availables in the Resources section.